Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Easter is Almost Here!!!

Ladies...sorry...we have been very 'lax' in updating our blog...

If anyone had told us a year ago, that we would have our own blogs, 
facebook pages...and etsy sites...well...we wouldn't have believed it, 
let alone known how do deal with's the 21st century...
and it's just what you do...right???

by Georgia Macdonald

 I've just added all the Easter images...and lots go take a look..

by Ann English

I'm still in the process of adding new images all the time. Hopefully, 
by the end of April, I will have all of the images up for you to see.

In case some of you don't know, Deidre is madlygetting ready for the big 
'Licensing' show in Las Vegas, this June.  She started in January, and besides 
changing her mind about how the space will look...(going on 4 times now)...
She's almost ready to do a mock-up and get fabrics printed.
Yup...she's doing fabrics...
and they are simply wonderful...if you want a peek 
at what she's up to...go to her blog

We're still re-working her website, but that will be back up and running soon, 

Me...Kristine...well, I've been knee deep in Precious Metal Clay for a while, 
and loving every minute of my time in the studio. You can see my creations at

Thanks for stopping by... 
Kristine & Deidre