Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am narrowing down the possibilities for the new 222 CHALLENGE!
I will tell you this will be about SPRING...
the season, the word itself & it's definition.
Your piece should have the feel of SPRING
'bounce, leap, rise, hop, fly, originate, start,or emerge'
...and any spring visuals that you have one of our new little birdies that
you could order ... #48 Come Fly
HOW about a Poem about spring to get your "IDEAS" jump started!!
Goodbye my winter suit,
Goodbye my hat and boot,
Goodbye my ear-protecting muffs & storms that hail and hoot.
Farewell to snow and sleet,
Farewell to Cream of Wheat,
Farewell to ice-removing salt & slush around my feet.
Right on to daffodils,
Right on to whippoorwills,
Right on to chirp-producing eggs & baby birds & quills.
The day is on the wing,
The kite is on the string,
The sun is where the sun should be -
It's spring all right! It's spring!
Can't wait to see all of your creations!
the sisters

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Debbie said...

Spring...ok the wheels are turning already.